The ELTHAM College Holiday Program is supervised by qualified carers and operates in all term breaks except for the two weeks following Christmas. Hours of operation are 7.30am – 6.30pm.

Children participate in age specific activities. Program activity schedules are available prior to each holiday period.

June and July 2020 Holiday Program

For the June/July 2020 program information and Registration Form for preschool/kindergarten students please click here

Please note that an Enrolment Form only needs to be completed for the first program in attendance for the year. To access the form please click here.

Child Care Subsidy is available to meet the out-of-pocket expenses to all eligible students attending either of these programs. Further booking assistance is available by calling 9433 9964.


If a child presents as unwell at the OSHC, they will be unable to attend the OSHC until all symptoms have cleared up. Families will be contacted by an OSHC educator and asked to pick up their child immediately if they are unwell whilst attending the OSHC. We ask families to please support us by collecting their child as soon as possible and please do not send your child to school if they are showing signs of illness.
This process has been implemented based on advice from the Department of Education and Training. Their instructions remain the same in regards to physical distancing and good hygiene practices, disinfecting of surfaces and resources throughout the day, with continued wiping down of tables, computer pads, and equipment regularly.
These include (and are not limited to):
• Any unwell staff or children must stay home.
• Staff or children experiencing compatible symptoms with COVID-19 such as fever, cough or sore throat will be isolated in an
appropriate space with suitable supervision and collected by a parent/carer as soon as possible.
• Staff or children experiencing compatible symptoms with COVID-19 should be encouraged to seek the advice of a healthcare professional who can advise on next steps.
• Close proximity between staff and adults should be avoided, particularly during drop-off and pick-up. So this process needs to be quick.
• All staff and children should undertake regular hand hygiene.
• Ensure liquid soap, running water or alcohol-based hand sanitiser is available at the entrance of the facility and throughout the session.
• Children bring their own water bottle.
• Set-up of the room and placement of activities, will be spread out across the rooms ensuring limited number of whole group activities.
• Small group play, snack times will be closely monitored by staff, with social distancing at all times, and indoor/outdoor play opportunities whenever possible.
• Windows should be open during the day to promote airflow where possible.
• Where multiple staff are in a room, remind staff to maintain physical distancing from each other as much as practical.
• Services should maintain full adherence to the NHMRC childcare cleaning guidelines in addition: clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces at least daily.
• Wash and disinfect play items as appropriate.

WE ASK THAT NUT AND NUT PRODUCTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN CHILDREN’S LUNCH BOXES DURING THE PROGRAM. At all times children are required for their own safety to wear appropriate footwear (no thongs etc)

2020 Holiday Program Fees

Full day: $67.00 per child

Full day including incursion: $67.00 + $11.00 per child

Full day including excursion: $67.00 + $28.00 per child

No CCS is applied to additional incursion or excursion fees.

Do you know where we are?

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Holiday Program Location Map

ELTHAM College
1660 Main Road, Research 3095
Please call 9437 1421 or 9433 9964 for further enquiries.