What is Amplify?

Amplify is an ELTHAM College program with the ambitious goal of exploring what contemporary learning could look like for K – 12 schools. It cultivates relationships with like-minded individuals and organisations to pursue ELTHAM College’s vision of growing hearts and minds.

Yong Zhao’s work on cultivating the unique strengths of individuals is a key influence of the program. The following video explores this concept further.



Practically, the Amplify program looks like:

  • Cultivating and scaffolding authentic learner driven goals
  • Development and promotion of learning driven programs and activities
  • Research projects with partner organisations
  • Cultivation of community mentor program
  • Calendar of learning events to provoke critical thought and action among the ELTHAM College community

Being an Amplify mentor is sharing your unique experience and expertise with the ELTHAM College community. Often this will involve working with an individual on a specific project, but may also involve working with small groups.

To be an Amplify mentor you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements:

  • Read, understand and agree to our mentor guidelines

We are currently seeking:

  • Intellectual property lawyer/lawyer (specific experience with the process of patenting inventions desirable)
  • Product manufacturing
  • Published authors
  • Startup experience – people with experience taking ideas to market
  • Project management experience
  • Business expertise (experience in the startup space desirable)
  • Your expertise! While we have a need for these specific talents currently, new mentors with a range of skills are needed all the time.

We are also working with a range of tertiary institutions to provide further pathways and opportunities. If you represent a company or tertiary organisation please contact us directly rather than using the form above.