Our learning approach integrates the principal learning areas so that they are relevant to the world of young people and engage them in stimulating ways so that when they come to make subject choices they are ready. The journey through Senior School at ELTHAM is when all previous learning, self-discovery and life experiences culminate to help shape the futures of our young people. Our focus is to help each individual develop a clear sense of who they are, whilst equipping them to participate in the changing world.

Our Senior School program is dedicated to guiding young men and women to graduate as mature adults – confident of their abilities and well prepared for the demands and excitement of the next stage in their lives. Our senior students are encouraged to make decisions, accept responsibility and manage their time. With the support expertise of our staff, they can develop skills for self-directed learning; ensuring they are ready for success in tertiary education and employment.

ELTHAM’s Senior School program offers flexibility and choice – with students able to customise their VCE to suit their aspirations, needs and abilities.


ELTHAM students take advantage of one of the state’s broadest VCE offerings. We believe that all students should strive to achieve their personal best. Undertaking studies at the appropriate time will enable the best learning, and in turn the best possible outcomes, for all students.

A unique city experience for Year 9 students

This special program has been designed to respond to the learning and social needs of young people at a time when they are navigating their way to adulthood.
You can find out more about our Year 9 City Experience by clicking here.

We offer a three year VCE program which provides the opportunity for students to apply to do one Unit 3/4 study in Year 11. Students collaborate with our LifeWork staff during Year 9 to plan their VCE subject choices and refine the type of program they wish to undertake. Students also have the ability to combine academic and vocational courses throughout their VCE studies, thus developing a breadth of skills and an opportunity to experience different learning styles.

Our rigorous academic programs provide students with the opportunity to excel, while the option to participate in VET programs helps students relate learning to work, develop important workplace skills and go onto post-school vocational options.

To view all that the Senior School Curriculum offers please access our Senior School Curriculum Handbook.

ELTHAM provides study nights for older students, these opportunities provide a dedicated space to study, away from distraction, with many resources also available. Study nights are held in the Senor School Library on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5.00pm – 7.00pm.


The LifeWork Centre is the hub of our Senior School, with our Counsellors creating programs based on the aspirations, learning and capabilities of each individual. Together they investigate options, develop programs and refine dreams, ideas and possibilities for the future.

More than just a one-off program, our LifeWork Counsellors are available to our senior school students and their parents from Year 9.

The LifeWork Centres engagement with our young people from Year 9 to 12 has helped ensure a high post-school participation rate. In addition to this, over 90% of our students get to study their particular passions at University and TAFE. Our students know what they will be doing post-school well before the VCE results come out and ATAR scores are revealed.