An Overview of the Junior School

Our Junior School Program provides an environment where the natural creativity and curiosity of young people is encouraged and developed. We provide opportunities for our young people to confidently establish their concept of the world, and how they contribute to it, providing them the freedom to respectfully voice their ideas and opinions.

We recognise the importance of a strong start in literacy and numeracy, while being equally committed to inspiring our young people to learn through creativity, imagination and experience. Our programs are deliberately developed to integrate the essential skills of literacy and numeracy into a wide range of experiences, to ensure the learning is meaningful and constructive.


Providing a nurturing and balanced learning environment is the focus of our Prep neighbourhood. Each child is visited in their home prior to commencing school to ensure we build strong relationships and understand the unique attributes of each child from the very beginning. This exciting time in children’s lives is carefully managed by the Prep teacher to ensure each child starts with confidence and experiences positive first days at school.

We recognise the importance within the core curriculum of building strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, while being equally committed to inspiring our young people to learn through creativity, imagination and experience. Our programs are deliberately developed to integrate the essential skills of literacy and numeracy into a wide range of experiences, to ensure that learning is meaningful and constructive. Our specialised reading and spelling approach empowers and engages individuals, catering for a wide range of diverse abilities and skills.

Discovery learning sessions continue to grow natural curiosity and inquiry skills. A natural progression of increasing sophistication and skill acquisition within an early years model. Blended with our nature based education program, Bush Discovery, we encompass natural curiosity and continue to promote a love of learning.

Building on the core curriculum students engage in specialist classes in music, drama, Chinese, library, Physical Education and weekly school swim lessons. Swimming lessons take place onsite at our recently re-developed pool and sporting complex.

Year 1-2

Years 1 – 2 form a learning neighbourhood. Within the curriculum young people continue to experience new elements of the program including science, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and wellbeing workshops. They investigate big questions using an inquiry model and grow essential enabling skills in relation  to their literacy and numeracy.

Their art, drama and music programs are exciting and stimulating experiences that motivate creativity, exploration and on-going learning. The instrumental element of the music curriculum enables students to try a range of instruments including violin, cello, recorder and keyboard.

Chinese specialist sessions continue to broaden students’ global perspective and grow Asian literacy.

Like the Preps, they too have Physical Education and a school swim program, with the opportunity for more elite, competitive swimmers to extend their skills with  the EC Waves professional swimming club.

Year 3-4 and the History Centre

Our Years 3 – 4 students are part of our unique History Centre. Each week students and staff spend time ‘in role’ in a story that frames their learning. They negotiate their way through contemporary and historical events that may include confronting the problems experienced in Australian pioneer life or exploring ancient Egyptian times.

Students create spectacular environments in which their story takes place, and experience a true learning adventure. Through the story the students learn about values and beliefs of others – loyalty, trust, negotiation, conflict management, group decision making, tolerance, problem-solving and more.  The History Centre gives practical and creative meaning to the enabling skills of literacy and numeracy.

The arts curriculum continues to develop drama, art and music knowledge and skills. The instrumental program builds on the early years experience and introduces percussion, clarinet and flute to the musical repertoire.

Physical Education, swimming, Chinese language and cultural specialist sessions continue to challenge and promote confidence and a risk taking learning disposition.

Year 5-6

During adolescence young people are working through a critical time in their learning, relationships and emerging sense of self. Our Year 5 ­­– 6 program fosters an environment where students continue to develop strong foundations for learning, explore their passions, celebrate their successes and build positive relationships with their peers and teachers.

This is achieved by creating a structured learning environment that balances opportunity for authentic decision-making and guided student choice. We provide young people with the opportunity to explore our diverse range of learning programs, with strong foundations in English, Maths, Sciences, Humanities, The Arts, critical and creative thinking.

Our experience shows us that empowered learners are engaged learners. They are ready to move beyond their comfort zones, try new things and persist in times of challenge – preparing them for the learning journey ahead.

Years 5 and 6 have their own space. This space, both inside and outside class, is their own. They move into other areas as they feel comfortable. This is about providing a comfortable transition from Years 3 – 4 and allows parents to feel confident that their children are supported appropriately.

Year 6 marks the final year of Primary schooling for many students. During this important year our students are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, support the Year 5 students with their transition, and prepare for their Year 7 experience.