We are pleased to share with you that our service has been rated as Exceeding National Quality Standard under the National Quality Framework. The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a national benchmark for the quality of children’s education and care services across Australia.

Services are assessed against the NQS by the state or territory regulatory authority and receive a rating for each of the seven quality areas of the NQS, as well as an overall rating.

Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) provides an educational environment which nurtures in all children the opportunity to develop the desire and skills to be lifelong learners. We recognise that children are strong, competent and resourceful. They are social beings full of imagination and curiosity, always questioning and seeking meaning. Children have the ability to reflect upon and contribute to their own learning through many different ‘languages’ of communication and expression.

At ELTHAM College we value celebrating the diverse cultural backgrounds of our children and families. The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) highlights the importance of this in Practice Principle 3: Equity and Diversity – Children’s development is shaped by their personal, family and cultural identity. Early childhood professionals respond to this diversity by acting early to identify children’s strengths and capabilities and ensuring that all children receive the support they need to reach their full potential. Learning Outcome 2 of the VEYLDF is for children to be connected with and contribute to their world. We want all children to be able to “respond to diversity with respect”. One way children may show evidence of this is to “explore the diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition and that diversity presents opportunities for choices and new understandings

A key focus area of improvement in our Early Learning Centre Quality Improvement Plan is to further develop our understanding of Australian Indigenous culture and embed this authentically in our teaching practice. We have embarked on developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for our centre. This is a framework to support reconciliation, and we have been using the Narragunnawali online platform to guide us in the development of our RAP.

Our 3 and 4 year old kindergarten programs operate from 8.45am to 3.15pm with options for 3 to 5 days of attendance.  Our ELC offers a nurturing learning environment where children‘s own natural rhythms are valued and respected.  We are committed to sharing children’s experience, culture and learning with their family, supporting and establishing reciprocal relationships between the home and the Early Learning Centre.

Our ELC was graded as part of the National Quality Framework and we were awarded a rating of ‘Exceeding’ in all seven of the National Quality Standards:

  • Educational program and practice
  • Children’s health and safety
  • Physical environment
  • Staffing arrangements
  • Relationships with children
  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • Leadership and service management


Our curriculum excites and engages while our children actively participate in the world around them. We foster opportunities for children to use their imagination and creativity, to discover and explore, as they weave together essential learning skills ensuring the very best in early education.

ELTHAM’s renowned Bush Adventuring Program brings nature based education to life as children learn and explore in our very own Environmental Reserve, and become immersed in sustainability concepts and the natural world.

The Early Years Learning Framework Belonging, Being and Becoming explains that “Experiencing Belonging – knowing where and with whom you belong – is integral to human existence. Children belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighborhood and a wider community. Belonging acknowledges children’s interdependence with others and the basis of relationships in defining identities. In early childhood and throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. Belonging is central to being and becoming in that it shapes who children are and who they can become”.

Our skilled teaching team intentionally provides beautifully arranged classrooms and enriching experiences complimented by weekly specialist sessions of MusicLibrary and Perceptual Motor Programs to further enrich your child’s early learning experience.

Our culture reinforces children’s growth in their social confidence as they develop the skills of team work, respect, turn taking, listening, sharing and contributing to a positive and caring learning community.

To attend one of our Early Learning Centre tours, please register here.


Our range of extended hours care options are available to compliment the ELC program. The ELC extended hours care offers Before CareAfter Care and Holiday Care, available for casual and permanent bookings, ensuring you have the option for your child to be educated and cared for from 7.15am – 6.30pm for 50 weeks a year in a safe and nurturing environment, whilst also enjoying the benefits of having your child attend an exceptional Early Learning program.

Please note the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) can be applied to our ELC Programs. CCS covers some child care expenses for eligible families. For more details please view our information sheet.


For further information or to arrange a personal tour, please contact our Head of Admissions, Franceen Challons, or phone +613 9437 1421. You are also welcome to attend a scheduled ELTHAM in Action ELC tour.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Early Learning Centre.