2023 Scholarships now closed

ELTHAM College provides a unique, supportive and challenging learning culture where students maximise their talents within a forward thinking, technology rich environment. ELTHAM College prides itself on being a destination for exceptional students who will thrive within an environment of unlimited learning.

We welcome applications from students who believe they will make a positive contribution to our learning culture and school community, demonstrating outstanding commitment, achievement and potential in academic, music and co-curricular fields of endeavour.

ELTHAM College defines all scholarships as General Excellence. While applicants will exhibit excellence in at least one field of endeavour, it is also expected that they will exhibit general excellence in all qualities and character. This forms the award of General Excellence Scholarship (in the related field of endeavour).

Each scholarship attracts a partial reduction in tuition fees as determined by the Principal, and is tenable until the completion of secondary education (Year 12).

All scholarships are subject to the College’s Conditions of Entry (Conditions of Enrolment). Periodic performance reviews to assess that the student continues to demonstrate outstanding commitment, effort, progress, involvement, contribution, and influence on peers, form part of the terms.  To view the Scholarship Terms and Conditions please click here.

All applicants are required to sit a scholarship examination and submit an online application. Shortlisted applicants for the General Excellence (Music) Scholarship will also be required to audition.

ELTHAM offers the following scholarships to new and existing students:

General Excellence (Academic)
General Excellence (Co-curricular)
General Excellence (Music)

Should you require further information regarding scholarships please email: scholarships@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au or phone +61 3 9437 1421

ELTHAM also offers the following Awards:

Internal Awards