Philanthropy involves the giving of time, information, goods, services and money to improve the wellbeing of humanity and the community. Therefore, if people are described as philanthropic it says something about their character and values, more than their wealth.

At ELTHAM College we empower those within our community to look around and ask “What needs improving? What needs supporting? How can I use what I have been given to benefit our students?” Such an approach lies at the heart of philanthropy.

A common description of philanthropy is the love of humankind, because its origin can be traced back to Greek: phil = loving and anthro = mankind.

Philanthropy responds to a vision more than a need. ELTHAM College’s vision, to grow hearts and minds, inspires staff and students each and every day and this is the primary motivator for all our philanthropic pursuits.

Over the years the results of shared endeavour have contributed to the continued evolution of the College. The Development Committee oversees the nurturing of the culture of philanthropy at the College. This involves engaging with people to seek their advice, recruit their advocacy and help secure donations for specific projects.

The common theme for those engaged with the College and championed by the Development Committee is that  “… each generation has an opportunity to give back”.

A particular focus of the College is to secure funds to permanently endow an Honour, such as a prize, sporting award or scholarship. Endowments are powerful because gifts given today will still be providing a benefit for many years to come.

Those choosing to make a gift in support of students can support the Building Fund or Scholarship Fund. Such donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to discuss Philanthropy opportunities at ELTHAM College further, please contact Emily Cavanough in the Community Relations Office or email