Eltham College History

ELTHAM was conceived in 1973 as a new concept in independent, coeducational schooling. It was founded by a dynamic group of community members who were seeking schooling for their children that would look beyond average educational practice to education that fostered the talents, confidence, initiative and passion for learning in every individual.

Our location in the Nillumbik Shire, northeast of Melbourne, is no accident. Historically, this district has inspired free thought and innovation. For years, artists, writers and intellectuals have been drawn to Nillumbik as a centre for inspiration. The notion of ELTHAM as one of Australia’s few truly independent schools was founded within this creative culture.

ELTHAM opened with the philosophy that students should be self-managing individuals and numbers grew rapidly. These themes still permeate the College’s learning programs today.

ELTHAM’s continued focus on fresh thinking and imaginative practice resulted in the launch of the knowledge era schooling in 2000, which flourishes today. Our challenge is to anticipate the skills required by young people to both keep up with the changing world, as well as provide future leadership in it.