Year 3/4 Egypt Procession

The ELTHAM College Year 3/4 students were visited by a most grand guest last week – a Pharaoh on the way to her final burial.
Here is a recap from Junior School teacher Catherine Howard on the procession:
The day the Pharaoh was to take her final journey, Friday 23 August 2019, dawned bright and clear. Year 3/4 students and staff of the HiStory Centre escorted the Pharaoh’s entourage as she made her way through the school.

The sombre beating of a drum, the tinkle of bells and the acrid aroma of incense announced her passage, and the way was lined with parents, staff and students. The sarcophagus was carried by six strong bearers, flanked by the artisans who had created beautiful artefacts to accompany her to the Field of Reeds, the builders whose skills had created the tomb in which she would be laid, the scribes whose texts illuminated the walls, and the High Priests whose chants and prayers had provided the Pharaoh with her map to the afterlife.

Hermon, the humble tomb labourer’s child, thanked them for their work. With bowed heads they listened as Hermon invoked a spell. With lingering looks back at the magnificence they were leaving behind, the students of the HiStory Centre sealed the tomb and returned to 2019.