You will need access to a device to see your plan and organise your day with your family.  You will also need to upload some tasks to ‘Due Work’ on mE.  If your family wish to purchase a device to support you with your Remote Learning, we recommend an iPad.

Your LA will contact you for your virtual chat via Zoom.  There will be a link placed with the timetable in the LA News feed which will ask you to install software and enable you to catch up with your LA and some of your classmates.

Prep Neighbourhood on mE

Year 1 and 2 Neighbourhood on mE 


Students are asked to check the News feed on their Learning Advisor’s (LA) page for information each morning. To access your LA page, follow the links from the Junior School mE home to your Neighbourhood and then click on the large yellow ‘Remote Learning’ button.  This will bring up each LA within your Neighbourhood.

At 8.45am each morning students will log into a Zoom session with their LA teacher. During this session students will familiarise themselves with their day and attendance will be marked.

Daily plans and Zoom links will be available from 7.00pm the night before via the Neighbourhood page. These plans will clearly outline the focus for each lesson, items to be printed and times to log into LIVE sessions via Zoom. LIVE whole class Zoom lessons will start each timetabled class and attendances will be taken.

Small group sessions will also operate throughout each day and these too will be clearly marked on the daily plan.

There are also two additional check in times (12.45pm and 3.20pm) where students can log into Zoom and speak with their LA teacher about any questions they may have. These sessions will be optional.


You will be given a time to meet virtually with your LA in small groups. If a time that you have been allocated does not suit your family, we encourage you to contact your LA to reschedule. We will be looking forward to catching up with you all and don’t want anyone to miss out!



Wellbeing while working remotely is of utmost importance.  You need to ensure that you look after yourself and your family and make the most of the special extra time with them.

We encourage you to set up a learning space at home where you can work without distractions but still be observed. This will assist you to be focused on your work. Bedrooms are generally not an appropriate place for longer periods of learning as they train your brain to think of them of a place of work and not sleep, which can make it hard to get a good night’s rest.

A daily routine can be beneficial to help maintain a sense of normality while working remotely. We suggest that you create a family routine to help you complete school work, practice important things like mindfulness and still enjoy time playing inside and outdoors.

It is important that you dress appropriately. You should have clean teeth and be wearing comfortable clothing that would be appropriate at school on a normal learning day.  If you prefer to wear your school uniform you can, however pyjamas/sleepwear is not appropriate.

Screentime should be limited to 30 minute blocks. You need to ensure you take plenty of movement breaks and train your eyes on things at different distances from you.

Exercise and creative non-structured play are incredibly important for your wellbeing. Please ensure that you build this into your routine and have fun!

Spending a lot of time with the same people in the same location can sometimes be difficult. Having time alone is therefore important for your wellbeing.  Curling up with a book or spending some time playing by yourself with your toys can help significantly.

We encourage you to take time to do activities that you enjoy with your family. It might be cooking, playing board games, reading together or doing a jigsaw.

Staff will be available for consultations regarding learning expectations and outcomes during normal school hours (8.15am – 4.00pm) and will respond to queries as soon as possible.