Official Opening: The Senior Science Social Learning Space

On Friday, 17 August the Senior Science Social Learning Space was officially opened by Dr Jared Osborne. Dr Osborne is the Chief Advisor, Innovation and Technology at Rio Tinto. He with three members of his staff, engaged with science students and encouraged them to continue with their scientific endeavours.

In his speech Dr Osborne said that in the mining industry today, Rio Tinto applies cutting-edge technology on a scale previously unimagined. Its Mine of the Future program uses innovation to meet challenges facing the industry such as higher operating costs, deeper and more remote deposits, labour shortages and a sharp focus on issues of environmental impact.

Rio Tinto has five research centres, three in Australia, one in Canada and one in the UK.  But he said that research and innovation alone does not deliver the results. Communication and consultation is vital. Cross-regional collaboration is part of Rio Tinto’s everyday life.  Telepresence with high definition and secure video linkages enables intimate contact with colleagues on the other side of the world.   This highlights time and information management challenges, challenges ELTHAM students need to prepare for via the way they learn today.

He said, “Your new refurbishments to your senior science laboratories and the new Senior Science Social Learning Space provide you with even more opportunity to practice important collaboration and social interaction skills with your fellow students and passionate teachers   Our plea to you is to get excited about exploring the sciences and technology, and embrace the social learning aspects as being very important.”