Wellbeing is very important at ELTHAM. We have a wellbeing culture in which relationships flourish and ensure that everyone is respected, noted and heard. This culture of Student Voice, the feeling of confidence that allows students to express their ideas or have their issues resolved, all contributes to a community environment that is helpful, compassionate and individualised. And that builds high levels of self-esteem.

At ELTHAM, care is central to everything we do. ELTHAM has invested very heavily in having the right professionals to support young people. The demands of growing up can create issues for young people and their families. Our professional teams are on hand to provide the support and referrals that are needed.

When care is required outside of the normal demands of the classroom, an extensive support service is available to meet individual needs.

ELTHAM has available to young people and families, a range of professionals in social, emotional and physical wellbeing; including an educational psychologist, counsellor, youth worker and teacher learning advisors.

Our LifeWork Centre also has two qualified career and personal advisors available to both young people and parents.

In addition, ELTHAM has a full time first-aid officer at the Research Campus who provides medical assistance when needed and who acts as referral point to other medical practitioners.