ELTHAM Awards are available to prospective students only. Each year we offer ELTHAM Awards, subject to availability, to students from Year 1 – Year 12 who we believe would thrive at ELTHAM. If your child can show a general level of excellence or a special talent in a specific learning area they may be eligible for a reduced fee placement. It’s just one of the many ways we empower young people at ELTHAM.

ELTHAM Awards are advertised at the discretion of the College at the beginning of Term 3 in Leader Newspapers.


  1. ELTHAM Awards are offered for entry into Years 1 to 12, 2015 subject to availability of places.
  2. These potentially life changing Awards are open to students who are not currently attending ELTHAM College. ELTHAM College is very proud to offer these awards which provide eligible families the financial support to access an exemplary education.
  3. These Awards are for boys and girls who exhibit a strong desire to be a student of ELTHAM College.
  4. All Awards are reviewed annually. As a rule awards granted in Junior Years would not continue beyond Year 6. Awards granted in Year 7 and above will be tenable to the end of Year 12. If the family falls behind in payment of fees then the Award will be forfeited. The level of the Award varies depending on each family’s financial circumstances, but would not exceed 50% of annual fees.
  5. All applicants will be required to complete a general learning assessment in mid August. Further details will be mailed to you following receipt of a completed application.
  6. Parents of students short-listed for interview will be asked to provide confidential financial information, including a copy of the last 3 years of tax returns for each parent/guardian and a Statement of Income, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities. The Family Financial Statement document should be used for this purpose.
  7. Application must be made on the official form and mailed to:

Head of Admissions, Franceen Challons
ELTHAM College
PO Box 40