The College provides a range of scholarships to ensure opportunities exist for fair and equal access. However, scholarships have requirements that not all students are able to meet, and the funds available to support scholarships are strictly limited.

To bridge this gap the “ELTHAM College Foundation Award” has been introduced, providing the opportunity to access partial fee relief for students newly entering the College.

The Award is subject to a number of conditions, including parents demonstrating their ability to contribute to fees within their means (as assessed by an independent financial services company), that their child has the ability to thrive at the College, and that they are willing to assist the College in non-financial ways. An Award is only available where places are available at class levels, and there are no additional costs borne by the College or College parents.

Where an Award is available, parents must complete the usual enrolment process before the Award is finalised.

This is a wonderful initiative on the part of the Foundation, and will not only provide additional access to an ELTHAM College education, but will also allow a level of diversity and inclusion within our community. This further supports our commitment to provide opportunities for young people to discover their talents and believe in their potential.

To express your interest in a Foundation Award please complete the details on this online form ELTHAM College Foundation Award.

If you have any queries regarding the Foundation Award please don’t hesitate to contact the Business Manager, David Nicholson

The ELTHAM College Foundation is committed to the long-term financial security and culture of giving at ELTHAM. If you’d like to know more about the Foundation please click here.