Congratulations Class of 2020

We are pleased to share news of our VCE results. While our results were not as strong as recent years, through dedication from both staff and students we managed a challenging year with commitment, resilience and care.

The median still reflects a solid result from all students, with the median study score for the Class of 2020 at 32. While the ATAR median was 79. Therefore, the mid-point of the ATAR is in the top 21% of the state. This indicates that the whole year group has performed well under very trying circumstances. These achievements are reflective of the student’s efforts, not only in 2020, but in the years leading up to VCE. The VCE results for 2020 reflect a cohort of young people who found themselves on an unusual learning journey for their final year of secondary schooling.

Of the 61 students who attempted a scored VCE, 13 achieved an ATAR score better than 90 (placing them in the top 10% of the state). This is 21% of the cohort (compared with 33% in 2019; 27% in 2018; 21% in 2017). The VCE Class of 2020 achieved 9% of scores above 40, which places them in the top 9% of the state. Last year this score was 20%, while in 2018 it was 16.8%. We congratulate Sophia Laidlaw who received the top score for the cohort (98.8), affording her the honour Dux of ELTHAM College for 2020.

In a year that has left many of us pondering the important things in life and reflecting on where we find joy, it is worthwhile to reflect on what the VCE results mean for the Class of 2020. Congratulations are due to each and every student who rose to the challenges that 2020 presented. There will be excitement for some and perhaps trepidation for the journey ahead, but it must be remembered that the very nature of a journey is the many paths that can be taken along the way.