Congratulations Class of 2017

I wish to commend the class of 2017 who have achieved very strong results. Some 45% of our students scored an ATAR of 80 or better, while of the 76 students who attempted a scored VCE, 16 achieved an ATAR score better than 90 (placing them in the top 10% of the state). This is 21% of the cohort (compared with 18% in 2016). College Vice Captain Ryan Munnings scored 98.85 which affords him the honour and title Dux of ELTHAM College for 2017.

The Class of 2017 achieved 37 scores of 40 plus, while Year 11 students achieved 22 scores over 40. Three students received perfect scores of 50: Frank Dixon: VET Music Performance, Lewis Butterfield-Tucker: VET Sport & Recreation and William McKenna: Theatre Studies.

ELTHAM College is extremely proud of your achievements and the way you have conducted yourselves over your time with us.

Simon Le Plastrier