AI for Good Success

Year 10 students Ada and Liza received second place in the AI for Good Victorian State Finals. Here is their recap:

The Microsoft AI for Good School Challenge is an annual initiative for Year 7 – 12 students. Participants work in teams on a design thinking challenge to dream up a creative way AI could be used to make a difference in the world. The challenge is about understanding AI and innovating concepts.

Working collaboratively online, we invented Earth’s Little FriendEarth’s Little Friend is an app which tracks your day-to-day activities, calculates your carbon production and helps you offset your weekly carbon footprint. Focused on creating a sustainable future for our planet, our project aimed to highlight the impact individuals can have when focused on their output, empowering them to offset this problem.

This year over 600 teams across Australia presented their ideas. Our submission made it to the AI for Good Victorian State Finals, where we came in second place.

Ada and Liza 
Year 10 Students