ELTHAM College offers students opportunities within and beyond the traditional academic domain, with exceptional visual and performing arts, sport, technology, hospitality, outdoor education, international exchange and intercultural connections programs that challenge and inspire.

We believe that all students should strive to achieve their personal best. Undertaking studies at the appropriate time will enable the best learning, and in turn the best possible outcomes, for all students.

We offer a VCE program which provides the opportunity for students to apply to do one Unit 3/4 study in Year 11. Students collaborate with our LifeWork staff during Year 9 to plan their VCE subject choices and refine the type of program they wish to undertake. Students also have the ability to combine academic and vocational courses throughout their VCE studies, thus developing a breadth of skills and an opportunity to experience different learning styles.

Class of 2018 results

Over half of the Year 12 cohort scored an ATAR of 80 or higher, while of the 75 students who completed VCE, 20 achieved an ATAR score higher than 90 (placing them in the top 10% of the state). This is 27% of the cohort (compared with 21% in 2017). College Captain Wyatt Raynal scored 99.4 which affords him the honour and title of Dux of ELTHAM College for 2018, while Steven Yan received a score of 96.35, the top score for our International student cohort.

16.87% of students across Year 11 and Year 12 achieved a study score of 40 plus. This is the highest proportion of 40 plus study scores achieved at the College since 2004.

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