ELTHAM is a place where we value a thirst for knowledge and excellence, helping our students realise their full potential while constantly improving on our own. ELTHAM is a school where we are all teachers and students of life.

At ELTHAM we aim to bring out and support the talents of each individual student and our teachers are key to this journey of self-discovery.

ELTHAM teachers have amazing skills and are free to use them. As part of a dynamic team, you’ll work in a liberating environment, a place of challenge and trust, where teachers and students work in harmony, friendship and mutual respect.

And it’s working. Year after year, our students and graduates tell us that the partnerships they form with their teachers are some of the most important and unique aspects of their ELTHAM experience.

At ELTHAM we do our utmost to encourage a rich and diverse working culture. We’re committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all potential and existing employees. We promote a non-discriminatory policy and recognise staff on the basis of their individual qualities and capacity to work with others.

ELTHAM’s Enterprise Agreement has been developed within the context of empowering employees to own their own jobs. It’s about what you can do to contribute to achieving our strategic goals. And it’s about how ELTHAM will reward and value you for your intellectual capital, skill and effort.

ELTHAM College promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children and young people. Enquire today about how you can be a part of our culture of creativity and excellence.

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