Policies are important to ensure that all community members understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from the College. Many guiding principles are explained in our policies, including those relating to legal and ethical protection requirements, and safety guidelines.

Community Expectations Agreement for Adults

The Community Expectations Agreement for Adults is framed to reflect the goals of the College’s strategic statement. It provides parameters for staff, parent, guardian and volunteer interactions with other members of the College community.

Community Expectations Agreement for Adults

Child Safe Standards

As a result of the Betrayal of Trust Report handed down in 2013, new government legislation has been implemented that require all schools to communicate their child safe policy and demonstrate how they will actively embed a culture of child safety across their community. The full details of these requirements were presented in Ministerial Order Number 870 and are collectively referenced to as the Child Safe Standards.

You can view our policy documents relating to the Child Safe Standards by clicking on the links below.

Child Safe Policy

Code of Conduct

Visitors Policy

Working with Children Check Policy

Acceptable Identification Documents

Child Protection and Mandatory Reporting Procedure

Child Safe Incident Report Form

The Child Safety Officers at ELTHAM College are:

Complaint Resolution Guidelines

ELTHAM College is committed to promoting a harmonious, fair and just working and learning environment by ensuring that all stakeholders have access to processes that allow for complaints, disputes and problems to be addressed and resolved in a manner which respects the position of all parties involved.

You can view our policy documents relating to resolving complaints by clicking on the links below.

Complaint Resolution Policy

Complaint Resolution Procedure

Privacy Policy

View our Privacy Notice

Interim Mobile Communication Device Policy

View our Mobile Communication Device Policy

Whistleblower Policy

View our Whistleblower Policy