ELTHAM is one of Australia’s few truly independent schools led by a Company Board responsible to parent members. It is not affiliated with any religious or government organisations and has the freedom to dream and set its own strategic directions. The College Board is ultimately responsible for the overall educational and financial policy of the College. One parent of each family is required to take up membership, which entitles them to vote or stand for the College Board.

Governance at ELTHAM

ELTHAM is a not-for-profit public company, Eltham College Ltd. Its Members are those parents nominated on enrolment as the Company Member.  They are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM. If you are not sure who is the Company Member in your family, please email lburleigh@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au. The Board has the responsibility, the same as any public Company Board, to ensure the corporate integrity of the Company and to set strategic and overall policy directions. The Board delegates operational responsibility to the Principal. Directors govern the school under the Corporations Act (2001) and ASIC regulations and must carry out their fiduciary duties accordingly.

Each Company Member will receive the Annual Report, information on the AGM, a call for nominations for Director and proxy voting forms during March each year. Please put the date in your diary or plan to give your proxy to Reception so that we have a quorum. You may nominate any Member as a proxy.

There are twelve elected Directors who are elected for three years. Four retire each year. They are eligible for re-election.

The Principal is appointed as a director each year. The Principal is chosen first and foremost because of his/her capacity for educational leadership and, through this, the capacity to provide the vision and leadership for an executive team, staff, students, families and the wider community.

However, we also see that leadership is a role expected of all staff and, as they develop and learn, of all students. Our staff work in self-managing teams with leadership roles allocated appropriately to the leadership task and the team members. Students have a wide range of leadership opportunities as individual students, in collaboration with peers and working together with staff.

Board Directors

You can find out more about our Board Directors by clicking on their name to view a profile.

Michael Houlihan, Chair
Ruth Bailey, Vice Chair
Jim Grant, Vice Chair
Neriman Kara
Paul Munnings
Paul Northey
Clare Steven

Rick Taranto
Chris Ward
Geoff Ward
Stuart Wenn

Simon Le Plastrier, Principal
David Nicholson, Secretary and Business Manager

Annual General Meetings

2018 ELTHAM College Annual Report [pdf]
2017 ELTHAM College Annual [pdf]
2016 ELTHAM College Annual Report [pdf]
2015 ELTHAM College Annual Report
2014 ELTHAM College Annual Report 
2013 ELTHAM College Annual Report [pdf]
2012 ELTHAM College Consolidated Annual Report [pdf]
2011 ELTHAM College Consolidated Annual Report [pdf]
2010 ELTHAM College Consolidated Annual Report [pdf]

ELTHAM College Constitution

To access the guidelines that document how the College is governed please click here.