15th Sept 11 (72)
We are proud to have the majority of our young people graduate to a university course relevant to their passion and aspirations.

Whilst academic assessments, such as NAPLAN, are viewed as important, this type of testing forms only part of our assessment and feedback process.  Rather, we focus on ensuring that each young person has the opportunity to extend beyond their ‘personal best’, as opposed to benchmarking them against others.

Science and technology also form a pivotal role within ELTHAM academics. As such, we’ve built a social learning area in our senior science laboratories to encourage innovation and collaboration. In Year 7/8 most academic skills are developed within engaging modules such as the science module “Murder under the Microscope” one of our most popular classes.

We have an Arts Culture that promotes school leadership in Media, Multi-Media, Design and Studio Art. Our academic students also get the opportunity to experience real-world learning within our Hospitality Centre.

Public Speaking also forms a part of our academic offering, and each year we host the Carson Trophy Public Speaking Competition for every young person from Year 3 to Year 12. We believe this helps expose young people to the risks of presenting in public and is designed not just to grow their skills, but to grow their confidence and self-esteem.