At ELTHAM we aim to ensure that our young people can relate to their world, understand their effect on it and use their creativity to help shape it in positive ways. We ensure that young people are nurtured, can aim high in life, continue learning, form successful relationships, juggle the demands of life, achieve independence and greet opportunities with confidence.

We promote harmonious student-teacher partnerships and value parent participation as true education partners. Our co-educational environment creates equal opportunities for girls and boys to be successful individually and together.

We believe that everyone can achieve excellence. We equip young people with skills in self-management. We foster creativity and risk – to allow young people to learn without fear of failure. We also develop problem-solving skills to build confidence and encourage positive actions and a ‘can do’ attitude. All of this combines to ensure that each ELTHAM graduate leaves the College with the skills, knowledge and determination to succeed in the changing world.

Located in an extraordinary environment, ELTHAM students experience an engaging, rigorous, world-ready curriculum while being supported with warmth, care and respect.